Company established


Operating on four continents: North America, Europe, Middle East, Asia, Russia


Inhouse and outsourced core team of professionals with passion for branding and furnishing


Furnishing solutions delivered to eleven countries, one complete restaurant delivery location being 10 012 km away


Customer claim rate kept close to 1% over years


Millions of end users have used and enjoyed our solutions

36 000

Tonnes of steel table legs delivered with recycled steel content of 71%


Circular design solutions delivered since 2015

We are a team of professionals with passion and capability to deliver great furnishing solutions. We offer our combined knowhow, long experience and network in the fields sourcing, product design, materials, manufacturing and logistics to deliver best possible value to our customers. We work with carefully selected supply base. Our target is to serve customers, who strive to build their brand and strive to realise the benefits of scale in their operation across all locations or projects.

Scale Up is more than furnishing. It's about..

  • Strengthening your brand
  • Easy and scalable solutions
  • Accessible for all your locations
  • Modular design
  • Reducing lifecycle costs
  • Circular design and sustainability

Passion for furnishing

#1 Easy brand management

Our passion is to offer consistency,  solutions and quality, and easy ways to Scale Up best practices across all locations. While doing this we increase sales and profits of brand owners and their stakeholders.

#2 Continuous development

We believe in continuous development. Together with our customers and suppliers, our passion is to develop durable and efficient solutions. For example, we search for the best possible cleaning process and shortest time, and allow this to influence the design and function of waste management systems and furnishing, we implement most easy maintenance steps to allow for each location to look fresh every day.

#3 Sustainable solutions

We must all do our share. We take pride when we passionately deliver and promote sustainability and circular solutions to our customers and to our suppliers. Together we can create and implement the “Step by step” journey towards more sustainable solutions.