We support the circular design approach through the 4R Principle: Reduce – Repair – Reuse - Recycle. We provide our expertise already in the design stage. We do not just provide a spectrum of suitable materials and techniques to make our customers' brand thrive, rather how to plan and implement more and more sustainable solutions. We also utilize the circular design approach from raw material selection to the recycling of materials.

The circular economy can be described as a closed-loop, where resources are continuously repurposed. In nature, material flows in circles and there is no waste. Humans instead have traditionally consumed materials in a much more linear way: we take, make, and waste. Landfills are growing because materials are not recycled or reused. The circular design is about creating products and services, which support the cyclical model of nature, that is, the circular economy.

The circular economy is based on three cornerstones:

  • Design out waste and pollution
  • Keep products and materials in use
  • Regenerate natural systems

Let's have a look at how we implement circular design:


  • We have techniques to reduce raw materials without compromising quality and functionality. For example, some of our wooden tables require significantly less wood due to the innovative and smart structure of the tabletop. This enables us to cut down the raw material amount up to 50% percent.


  • Whenever possible we provide our furniture with the possibility to be repaired and refinished. Many of our tables are designed to be refinished up to three times, giving them a longer lifespan. Refinishing the tabletop in an effective manner removes stains, dents and scratches. Once the tabletop has been refinished, it's again in shape as new and easy to clean and maintain.
  • Our smart ware & spare part design lengthens the lifespan further. Planning for wear and spare parts makes it possible to fix the furniture instead of replacing them. The ware parts availability, in turn, enables a whole new life for the furniture. For example, our chairs may have removable and standardized seats and back cushions to facilitate quick and easy replacement. This is very handy, when the look of the locations, such as restaurant chains, need to be updated. Why spend lots of money on all new chairs when replacement of seat and back cushion can do the refresh needed!


  • By using smart and modular design, we can provide our customers with ideas on how to ensure the reusability of the furniture.
  • Our furniture can be reused even up to four times. For example, once the tabletop has reached the end of its lifespan, a new tabletop can be mounted on to the existing table leg. Old tabletops could then be repurposed as, for instance, shelving in a warehouse or similar. Thanks to the high-quality raw materials used in our products, the repurpose options are endless.


  • We strive to use recyclable materials. The final disposal of the table is easy, as the tabletop is 100% biodegradable when treated with environmentally safe varnish during entire lifespan. Also, 70% of the metal weight used in the table leg is recycled cast iron.