Make your brand stronger

Our job is to deliver the best combination of customized and standard loose furnishing that makes your brand stronger, consistent, different and easily recognizable. Our solutions are scalable and accessible for all your locations.

Customized furnishing

  • According to customers specifications
  • Color matching
  • Right material choices
  • Optimize the structure and function based on end-users need and behavior
  • Plan for wear and spear parts

Standard furnishing

  • Contemporary design
  • Good function, comfort, and quality
  • Many color options
  • Wide supply base for both furniture and lighting
  • Plan for wear and spear parts

Easy brand control through our web shop

We customize a webshop for all our customers. This makes it easy for brand owners to steer brand identity and for franchises and other stakeholders to manage orders. You can easily see your brand´s approved furniture collection with all product and package details, order history, and delivery status. On this same platform brand owners can manage multiple brands.