Some of our customers say that they sell 20-30% more, when the location is clean, has a good atmosphere and design, and is easy to maintain in shape as new every day. Do you, as a brand owner, struggle with the control of your brand across many locations? Or do you, as a franchise owner, struggle where to find total solutions according to the brand guide? No worries. We provide scalable and customized furnishing solutions that make brand management both easy and cost-effective. With our consistent quality and modular design, achieved cost efficiencies can be scaled across your locations.

Yes, we are the experts in customizing and delivering the best possible furnishing solution. However, our service goes beyond furniture delivery. We know how to take scalability and accessibility into account from the design stage to logistics planning and customer service. Let´s say you are a franchise owner of a restaurant chain that has several locations in 1, 3 or 5+ countries. New locations are opened every year, some of the older locations need to be renovated, and some locations may need replacement or repair of furniture. We know, that consistency not only helps to keep things easy, but it also frees your time spend on furnishing matters and thus enables you to focus on your core business, that is, selling your products and services.

Once we have agreed to the approved brand range, we provide our customers with a B2B web-based platform. The platform is a great tool for brand owners to control the brand identity and administrate furniture & fixture orders. The user interface is like in a webshop and the platform is easy to learn and use. Brand owners can create customized selections of furniture on the platform. Selections may base on, for example, the size of the location or aspired atmosphere. Restaurant chain owners can, in turn, create selections based on the seating capacity of the location. And as in the example above, there might also need to create a separate selection for new restaurants and renovated locations.

Scale Up, or the brand owner can grant local store owners and operators access to the platform. Each store owner has a unique view and can access only the selections brand owners have pointed out for them. Hence, the brand owner can control the brand identity from one continent to another. Local store owners, in turn, can send quotations, place orders and view order history on the platform. From spare and wear parts to total makeover of furnishing, all orders can be done on the same platform. The platform also functions as a customer service base, where store owners can monitor the delivery status or ask for instructions, give feedback etc.

Through the platform, brand owners can not only monitor the brand but also oversee overall order amounts across the locations. The order history often provides useful information for future planning and budgeting. Shortly, the platform is a perfect tool for consistent and easy brand control. What more could you wish for? Please contact us and scale up your brand!